Love the Lonely Out of Me


affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; lonesome.


We all feel it sometimes. On good days, on bad days; on better days, on worse days. Why is it such a familiar feeling? What could we (I) do to terminate such despair?

A day full of contentment, friendship, activities, laughter- loneliness is still present.

A “sisterhood” of girls indistinguishable of my own self- loneliness is still present.

A family full of love and an infinite amount of comfort- you guessed it- loneliness.

I have it all: friends, family, co-workers, a charming man, even hospitable strangers. Why do I lay in bed at night and feel empty? How could a person with everything they desire in the palm of their hands feel so vacant? Is it selfishness? Ungratefulness? Am I unappreciative? Or is it simply just an overwhelming feeling that seems so uncontrollable.

Nevertheless, we laugh off the grief. We make the best of situations; we turn negatives into positives. Because in a world rich with evil, loneliness is the least of our problems. And maybe, just maybe that is the problem.